Step by step Guide for AOL Desktop Gold Procedure

AOL  Desktop Gold is an exceptionally simple process that's essential to line up AOL’s cutting-edge and intuitive products. Once you've got performed this process properly, you'll install the products on your system without much hassle. Only after this, you'll experience these products to the fullest extent.

How To Perform AOL  Desktop Gold?

First and foremost, open any browser of your choice on your computer.

Thereafter, launch its official website for AOL  Desktop Gold. For this, use “” as a URL. In short, enter the URL in your Browser’s Address Bar. Then, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

Consequently, you'll get the Homepage of its official website. Now, click “Login/ Join”. For this, locate the Profile icon at the highest right-hand corner.

The following window prompts you to supply your registered Username or Email Address. Hence, enter an equivalent correctly.

Then, click “Next”.

Thereafter, type within the corresponding “Password” accurately.
Then, click on the “Next” button. As such, it'll allow you to access your Account.
Subsequently, click on the Inbox icon at the highest right-hand side of the window. As a result, it'll open your Inbox.
Now, check the Inbox for the Order Confirmation Email received from AOL  Desktop Gold.
After that, open this email.
Then, search for AOL  Desktop Gold ’s secure link. Hence, click thereon. As such, the downloading process will start.
Now, wait while the method finishes completely.

This concludes the method of AOL  Desktop Gold for you.

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