How to Access or Login to Your AOL Desktop Gold Account?

AOL is an American web portal and online service provider. Originally AOL is understood as American Online. it's formerly referred to as AOL inc. AOL Desktop Gold gives a secure and satisfactory email experience globally. It allows you to customize your experience with a spread of features. AOL Email provides managing your AOL Calendar, creating and using folders, organizing your mail and etc. AOL has launched AOL Desktop Gold, it's a step to maneuver from a subscriber-based service to an internet portal.

AOL Desktop Gold may be a great email service provider with an easy and straightforward account interface. It also provides continual access with its App to your inbox on cellphones and tablets. you'll create multiple usernames under one account. it's handy if you would like to stay your client email separates from the one you employ to conduct business together with your suppliers and other contacts.

AOL Desktop Gold gives options like spam blocking to stay unwanted messages out of your inbox. It also provides service security that forestalls potential harmful email attachments and messages from damaging your computer. and thru this service, you'll even be ready to create a web address book for your important contacts.

When it involves storage, AOL provides you unlimited storage for your messages. It attaches files to outgoing messages faster than other services. AOL Email includes both a trash and a spam folder. you'll enable the spam filters and manually enter any email address that you simply want the redirect to the spam folders. It automatically redirects phishing schemes to your trash folder.

Key Features Of AOL Desktop Gold

  • It is a great email service.
  • AOL Email gives a better method to keep away spams mails.
  • It comes with unlimited storage space.
  • The size of sending an email can be 25MB (email attachment).
  • You can filter through the automated email sorting.
  • Maximum mailbox size is 1,000 new messages, 4,000 old messages and 4,000 sent messages per screen name.
  • If all messages have 25 MB attachments then, Maximum 250 GB. 
  • You can link your other email accounts from other service providers (Gmail and Hotmail).
  • It has spam protection, virus protection, and spell checker.
  • You can manage your contacts in AOL Desktop Gold.

Users can email with friends and family, browse the internet, play games, chat or more after downloading AOL Desktop Gold software. It is an advanced version of AOL software as you can personalize your email by changing text size and color, add hyperlinks, use emoticons and more. Also, its premium security features provide you with complete security whenever you browse the websites, use email, etc. 

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